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Remember Memorial/Homecoming Day, Saturday, May 11 2024. Join us for dinner on the grounds with a welcome by our pastor Brother Mike Stephens about 11:30 am. There will be recorded music as we fellowship and eat.

In June, 2023 the partnership between Union Hill and Mud Creek Churches came to an end. We are appreciative of the staff and members of Union Hill for their help during this period of readjustment.

Now, we welcome Rev. Mike Stephens as Interim Pastor. Brother Stephens brings years  of experience as pastor of Southern Baptist Churches, and as a counselor. We feel blessed to have him and his lovely wife Sara with us. Please join us and we will worship God together.


Beginning with Sunday morning service, October 2, 2022, Union Hill and Mud Creek Baptist churches will be partnering to help serve the needs of this area. Brother Mike Stevens and Brother Justin Salter will alternate preaching in the Sunday morning services, which are scheduled for 8:30 AM. Other services and times are yet to be determined. Union Hill will be providing the music for the services, which will continue to use traditional hymns with congregational singing.

Please join with us in this new chapter in the history of Mud Creek Church.

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We’ve had to bid a fond farewell to our pastor of fourteen years, Brother Billy Brewer, who retired from full time pastorate. We are currently using the services of visiting preachers, and I must say we have enjoyed some fine preaching, and are looking forward to more in the coming weeks.

Here is a brief message from our (now former) pastor reminding us of the significance of the events we remember this season.


Please read Luke 23:44-53

Before a man can be resurrected, he must truly die! Jesus was crucified and died as God willed, and was buried in a sepulchre hewn in stone. Jesus must die, in order for us to live.

Please Read Luke 24:1-9

The tomb is empty!

Our Lord is alive!

Why seek ye the living among the dead?

He lives that we might live eternally also!!!

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection we have the opportunity for life through faith in him!

Please read John 3:16-18

Brother Billy Brewer.



Be Cool!

And get a warm fuzzy feeling at the same time!


Help out old Mud Creek Church. We recently had to shell out a  great deal of money (for a small church) to replace the aged hvac unit for the fellowship hall. This facility is not only for the use of the few who attend services here, but for the greater church community—those with family ties here—for your family get-togethers, weddings, funerals, and other events. And Mud Creek Church needs your help in keeping it going; after all, it wouldn’t be of much use without heating and cooling.

So send in a donation, call it a Christmas gift. Send checks (no cash please) made out to Mud Creek Baptist Church to:

Mud Creek Baptist Church

c/o Bill Kitchens

9359 Mud Creek Church Road

Adger, AL 35006


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