Prayer List

Almighty God and Father, we pray for the needs, as You know best, for these members of our community, family, and friends:

Amanda Baker, Juanita Baker, Audrey Short, Ann Parsons, Evelyn Russo, Buddy Saxon, Sue Saxon, Valerie Sanders, Mark Saxon, Wayne Kitchens and his family, Jane Kitchens, Lucy Powell, Rose Lawley, Anthony Pace,  Gene Milstead, Betty Hutcheson, Delane Isbell, Henry Parsons, Nancy Parsons, Mort Gilbert, Sally Gilbert, Linda Woods, Emory Gowers, Keith Ward, Judee Ward, Emogene Harmon, Mike Powell, Chick Price, Edward Price, Ray Harris,  Barbara Bryant, Jim Lewis, Edward Brown, Melba Odom, Nellie Stringfellow, Esther Gamble, Dennis Pounders, John Bates, Susie Bates, Larry Edwards, Mark Patterson, Ann Cosby, Clara Sherman, Lee Reeves, Lindsey Berryham, George Whitaker, Mary Alice Goolsby, Hunter Kelly, Vera Armstrong, the Smart Family, Nick Smart, Shirley Kasney, Karen Morris, Ruth Moss, Mr. and Mrs. James Capps, Norman Eaton, Ricky Fowler, Sarah Martin, Mark Hulsey,  Brenda Capps, Woodrow Cook, Mary Ann Cook, Kaden Nelson,  Ann Shattuck, Tommy Lacey, James Fleming, Tammy Campbel, Allen Howton and the Family of Morris Howton, Wendy Kelly and baby, Shay Jones, Sandy Lawson, Eric and Sarah Peterson, Officer Joe,  Heath Hope, Ann and Jessie Squires, Jeff Ponesa, Chuck Checkley,  the family of Mrs. Evelyn Reynolds, Heath Hope, Tim Moss, Ann Shattuck, Joseph Rodriguez, Tommy Lacey, Dominica Lane, Coleen Chase, Ben Hudson and family.

And we remember to You especially, O Lord, these in hospitals and nursing homes: Marie Lambert, Patsy Sullivan, Mary Ward, Kaden Nelson.

We pray, O Lord, for Thy wisdom for our state and national leaders in these troubled times, and to bless this country with a great awakening and revival of faith. We ask your blessing and protection upon your people as they serve in foreign and perhaps hostile lands in the US military, and as missionaries and teachers, and especially for Corey and Rachel Reynolds in the Navy, and Julie Kitchens in her teaching ministry in Okinawa.

We pray especially for Judge Roy Moore and his family, the Billy and Franklin Graham family, and for all the others who are courageously standing for Godly values in these times.

We pray, O Lord, for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel, for thy divine protection of our Christian brethren suffering persecution around the world for Thy sake, and for Your blessing upon those who are sheltering and protecting Christians in the war torn regions.

We pray, O Lord, for the closing of Planned Parenthood and the other abortion mills, and that Alabama’s laws for the protection of women and children are enforced. And we pray for Thy Divine help and blessing upon those caught in the grip of natural disasters and epidemics, especially the flooding in Louisiana and fires in California. We pray especially for your Divine intervention against this new plague Zika which can turn mother against child.

We pray finally, O Lord, that Thy will be done on earth as in Heaven.
In the blessed name of Jesus,